.During quarantine, two Hollywood industry veterans created ZERO MEDIA COLLECTIVE to advance true conservative candidates, organizations, and PACS.  We are dedicated  to preserving American democracy  and holding Democrats and  Republicans  accountable.

The Team

Michael K.

Political genius, messaging strategist. Puerto Rican proud, he likes long walks in the park with his two dogs, Bill and Hillary.

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Martin M.

Producing/editing genius. Fluent in English and Bulgarian. Came to the U.S. via Bulgaria in 2006, now a proud U.S. citizen. Having family that lived in former communist Bulgaria, he's our oppressive-regime specialist.

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Peter L.

Producer, content creator. Some call him mysterious and eccentric but we all know those are euphemisms for weird. 

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Jake D.

Aspiring filmmaker who doesn’t know when to stop talking. Enjoys creating content and dropping buckets on the court.



Work from home. Be anonymous if you want but JOIN THE FIGHT.

Steve H.

Comedy writer. Even whiter than he looks in this picture -- so we may just remove him. We're checking with Legal now.